whocanihire.com Profile Page Setup

Thank you for taking a look at whocanihire.com and becoming a part of the most powerful and innovative network & directory service on the internet.

Setting up your profile is quick & easy when using this page as a reference. Keep in mind, you can always make changes to your profile page anytime!

BUSINESS PROFILE: Be sure to use complete address information, don't forget Suite Numbers, Street Directions (W, NW, etc.) and proper Capitalizations and Punctuation.

CHECK BOXES UNDER BUSINESS ADDRESS: If you work from home or mobile office, don't check "Address is on", to turn on Google map, check "Map is on" and If your company is now hiring, check "Now Hiring is on"!

SEARCH KEYWORDS:  Very Important! This is how customers will find you! example, if your a contractor you might use: construction, renovation, commercial, residential, rehab, electrical, etc.

COMPANY IMAGE:  Your Logo, Trademark, Brand, Photo or if you need one, email us.

COMPANY DESCRIPTION: To change the tab name, simply hover over the question mark.

PITCH: This is where you would place your Pitch, Slogan, Motto our Tagline. Samples: "Diamonds Are Forever", "Just Do It" or "Taste Great, Less Filling" and "People are looking for you!"

DESCRIPTION: This area allows for a brief description of your business, product, service or profession.

SERVICE:  This area gives you the opportunity to describe a little more detail about what you provide. Be careful not to pigeonhole yourself.

AWARDS: An opportunity to brag about yourself, company, service or profession by references, awards and accolades

CREDENTIALS: Place your experience, continuing education and memberships to any tradegroups or associations.

SOCIAL NETWORKS: Very powerful stuff. You may have upto 14 social media channels such as facebook, twitter, StumbleUpon, Yelp, LinkedIn, Delicious, MySpace, YouTube, etc. Take advantage of the marketing and promotional opportunities these provide you! It's very easy and fun to get started! Our tutorial page is coming soon or go to our YouTube page through this profile.

PHOTO GALLERY: "A picture is worth a thousand words"! An opportunity to show you, your product, your company vehicle, office, "employee of the month", etc.

Remember: If you have any questions or suggestions you can email
rick@whocanihire.com or call me at 888-700-8290. Thank you for being a part of this network and directory!

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