Why Waste Advertising Dollars On Yellow Pages When You Have Social Media?

We think there are better ways to spend your money on advertising than the Yellow Pages. Need more convincing? Here are 10 reasons why we think it is a waste of money.
  1. They are nowhere near number one, or even on the front page of search engines, for any important search terms. A quick look at the top search words “plumber” “electrician” and “contractor” show that they are not even in the top three PAGES! All the important categories are either taken by major firms operating in that arena, or other directories.
  2. They are expensive for what you get. Could that money be better spent whocanihire.com, on a new or second website, on a social media manager that you can tie directly to sales, or on optimizing your website?
  3. Most of ads in the Yellow Pages are never read. If you are ever looking for something, would you read the ads for a plumber if you were looking for a carpenter? Even ads in a major newspaper get a better viewing than that.
  4. whocanihire.com can be the number one preference for finding local businesses
  5. Yellow pages ads are static, so if you have a complex story to tell, you are out of luck.
  6. The ads can’t be updated for AN ENTIRE YEAR, so you had better not move, change email or web addresses.
  7. You can’t test copy, with different targets across different parts of the year.
  8. If you are looking to reach out to your local community, you will get more mileage by spending your money on sponsoring a local little league baseball team and sponsoring your local paper’s community awards.
  9. If you are a B2B business, working with your current customers on a testimonial video campaign coupled with social media will give you a greater reach than the Yellow Pages.
  10. If all the free advertising was removed from the Yellow Pages, there would be very little of the book left. Think about that. Most of the Yellow Pages appeal, to both advertisers and readers, is that it is given away.  Compare that to advertising of value, like whocanihire.com, social media, a professional blogger, or even traditional newspaper advertising, where both the advertisers and the reader have to pay more.
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