Overcoming The Talent Shortage

Overcoming the talent shortage in needed skills.

As you continue read the news about unemployment and the state the economy is. The question becomes "What is my company doing to overcome these obstacles?"  In good times or bad companies doing the right things, i.e. marketing, hiring, training, etc, will be profitable. Can you look at your company and say you are doing everything right?

Staying on top of market trends is important to your company surviving.  In a report from the ManpowerGroup, due to a shortage of skilled talent, companies are having a hard time finding people to fill job positions. Not only that, but American employers are the 5th highest when it comes to percentage of employers having difficulty filling jobs at 49%, behind the countries of Japan, Brazil, Bulgaria and Australia.  But the most telling figure that is shown in this survey is  How your company’s workforce will change over the next 5 years?  57.8% of companies are going to go to more part time, temporary, or contract workers.

Something to consider for the longevity of your business; your small business is going to have new clients entering the market. If companies are going to look for contract work, you should have your name out there.  So maximize your exposure on social media, keep your website up to date, join the right databases, and keep pushing information. 

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