LinkedIn is a network changing.  

Among other things, they are a network where small business and big business members interact, first as strangers and then as colleagues. This network is a great place to search a potential client out and find other businesses of the same sort.

Example: Your service is writing business white papers, and looking through local midsize corporations, you can find the head of the particular department that hires and then pays external operations and vendors. And then you can send this person a letter directly telling him or her how essential your business is for them.

LinkedIn will change soon, as the network has no choice but to change because of recent successful hacking; over six million names and passwords were lost by the LinkedIn Servers.

Expect: A focus on security and related-topics to be important to users of LinkedIn as the interface of the Network is upgraded and tough. Honestly, now is a good time to start Marketing on LinkedIn because

Outlook: Still very good, though expect a sharp loss of "connections" as the initial shock of the hacking translates in to loss of interest in some of the network's users. They will bounce back though, as the network still contains methods to find specific kinds of companies and the people within these companies to speak with.

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