Why Use Online Directories

Having a social media and directory presence for a small business is paramount. Many small businesses have elected to not establish a solid internet presence due to the lack of understanding of how to do it properly, lack of time, or not understanding the value it can bring.  It is fair to say that most people know or use Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Linkedin. But unfortunately that is no longer enough to distinguish yourself from the competition.

The following three elements of marketing can help increase your business by leaps and bounds:
  • properly optimize local directories
  • obtain a presence on all relevant social media sites to your business
  • pursue customer reviews.

One particular site every small business needs to be on is Google Plus. Google Plus is a must because the integration with Google+ Local, provides reviews, and may be visited more times even before a company’s own website. These features lend small professional services to improve ranking and listings on Google searches. Google local is also starting a grading system. If you are unfamiliar Google went to a “out of 30” grading system instead of the more familiar “out of 5 stars”. 

Now it is important to remember the best way to optimize your internet presence is to get your name out there as many ways as you possible can. An organic presence is the best presence.


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