The Death of a Tradition

This is the time of the year that certain staples of culture make their annual appearance.  Pools open across the country, baseball season is in full swing and the class reunions are coming around, more specifically, high school reunions.

There seems to be traditions that regardless of what cultural changes occur, they will continue on. But I think that there are certain traditions that cannot withstand the wave of change.  I think that the high school reunion is the next nostalgic act to fall victim to social media.

The idea behind the class reunion is simple, people who graduated together can get together and catch up and reminisce about their days in school together, and talk about (usually lie) what they are doing now.  Now by looking at this definition it sounds a lot like Facebook to me.  What social media did is streamline the catching up process.  You, like most, probably have a good amount of people that you went to high school with and graduated with as Facebook friends.  You more than likely know about what they do, how the kids are, what trips they took and pretty much any information they care to share and vice versa .  There you go…a readymade reunion.  Now don’t get me wrong, there is no substitution for human interaction, but social media has giving us the power to truly keep up and not lose touch with the ones we care about.

So the question is: Do you think that the class reunion will cease to exist, and if so how many years out?


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