Caught in the Web of Lies

Caught in the Web of Lies.

Parents for years have been delivering the birds and the bees talk and warning their young teens on the dangers of drugs and alcohol.  Well it looks like the kids have to start delivering a talk to their parents.  “Do not put information on the web you do not want everyone to see.” 

Enter Congressman Weiner.  In this technological age where communication with everyone is a mouse click away you must take the necessary precaution to protect yourself. The most dangerous person you are going to encounter out on the web that you must always, always be aware of is…you.  Most people can agree that if you say something, you now own those words, and it is a representation of who you are.  Social media sites like twitter, facebook, Blogger, etc are additional “mouths” and if it comes from your account, you said it, or posted it, or sent the picture.  Saying that someone hacked into your account and sent a picture of yourself is as bad as an excuse as saying that someone hacked into my brain and made me say those terrible things. 

So this brings me to my question.  Are politicians, celebrities and athletes more twisted today, or do we now have the tools to really know these wack-jobs?


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