Social Media, not just for kids anymore.

I think this should be the whole phenomena’s new tagline.  If you have a small or medium sized business and you are not using Social Media to promote yourself or business you are blind to the most powerful source to generate new business. 

I caught myself watching commercials during a basketball game, which I think is still the only time that DVR/TIVO is not utilized today, and I noticed a few things.

Number one:

Search engines are utilizing social media.  Bing is incorporating Facebook into your search results.   Also, the entire commercial for Google Chrome shows the different social media buttons rolled into the search engine.

Number two:

When the commercials are wrapping up it seems that the product they are advertising is pushing you more toward their Facebook, YouTube or twitter page by highlighting the advertisers social media buttons. It almost seems that the website is secondary or irrelevant at this point.

So what does this mean?  It means that if you think that Social Media cannot help you and your business than I am sorry there is nothing that will help you grow your business.  If you think that mailing out post cards, advertising in the newspaper, or God forbid paying for commercials are going to help you get new business, than I think it is time that you head on back to 1992. You might have a shot there, but in today’s world, social media is king

Just a quick numbers game; how many people do you think that you can reach with a national campaign including mailing, newspaper advertising, and TV ads?  How about the cost?  Ouch. Okay how about the same campaign but at local prices, a little bit better right?  Okay how about for nearly nothing you can reach out to a half a billion of people? Enter social media for professionals.  Facebook alone has over 600,000,000 people on it and growing  as is twitter.   The major cost that a business would have to pay to get into this market is time, time to set up a Facebook page, and to manage the page. How can you afford not to adapt a social media strategy for your business?   

I wonder how long until commercials are gone all together?  Any thought……


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