Green Please

Today it is harder to find companies that are not green or talking about going green than not.  From recycling to solar energy every company big or small is either on the bandwagon or should be thinking about how they are going to get on the wagon. People are more aware of the global impact of products they use today, and because of that they want to buy green.  And the smart companies see that. Unfortunately, there are some kinks still to be worked out. 

Right now green products are more expensive than their “non-green” competitors.  In a time of economic instability and near record level unemployment, people have to make the choice of what’s going to affect their pocketbook first and everything else after.  As much as people would like to purchase products that are not going to harm the environment, financially, it does not make sense for many people to do that right now.

I know that electric car’s emissions are cleaner than that of gas power cars but there are still byproducts produced.  The electric car gets plugged into an outlet at your house or on street.  In order to produce that electricity to power that car it could be inferred that it comes from a power plant, and power plants produce emissions that are harmful to the environment.  It would be great to think that all electricity that powers these cars come from solar or wind power, but we are not quite there at this point.

But this is what is great about technology, more specifically, what is great about humanity.  We are making strides using technology toward a cleaner planet for everyone.  Although it can be said that there are some “problems” that need to be worked out both with the technology and outside factors, like the economy, but as far as I know Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Companies that are on are becoming greener and may not recognize it.  By marketing and promoting themselves on they can reduce printing costs and materials. 


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