The Pony Express of the Social Media Age

An associate of mine that I do business with received something very unusual in the mail...a letter.  First it was a letter about the senders desire to sell his parents home in Florida, second there was no other information as far as a phone number or email address.   

This potential customer seems to have the expectation that communication during a business deal will be done through mail correspondence alone.  After my associate informed me of this very old fashioned communication style he followed it up with, “I don’t even know what to do.”  I couldn’t agree more. 

Business is done with a mouse click and a scanner, not an envelope and a stamp. I personally feel that being old fashioned is a good thing when you are dating or wearing a suit.

When it is time to conduct business, give me the latest technology so I can get it done faster. puts your business right in front of the target market, making it easy for them to locate and contact you for your services. allows you to create a unique profile with your company logo, links to website and social media.


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