30 Minute Small Business Marketing Plan

Social media marketing is changing the landscape of small businesses marketing.  It puts you in control in ways that most small businesses never experienced. 
In the past when it came to marketing, small business usually had to put their eggs in one basket, that basket being a mail campaign, radio, or even television.  Once a small business decided on what marketing route they were going to go, that was it.  You had to decide what message you wanted to put out there, and you could not change it, without paying for it of course.  If you decided you wanted to change your marketing or a change in the market occurs you have to start that marketing campaign over again.  Well this is no longer the case, marketing is no longer static. 
Social media marketing allows small businesses to stay on top of their market, and any changes that occur.  With as little as 30 minutes a day, real time marketing is a reality.  Here are a few tips:
·         Utilize Twitter.  Spend some time a day following new people.  Not only will you stay up to speed on the people you are following, most of the time people will in turn follow you.  So now, all your updates are seen by more potential clients.
·         Facebook updates.  A small blurb about what you did that day, or new clients you brought on builds credibility in the social media word.
·         Blog.  Dedicating a weekly blog that is business related can keep people up to speed on your business.
These are just a few examples of what can be done.  But something that is unique to small business is it gives businesses the ability to get creative.  If you decide on a marketing strategy Monday, by Wednesday, you can change it 180 degrees.  For almost no cost other than a little time to a small business.
whocanihire.com business dashboard is dedicated to helping small businesses succeed in their communities by social sharing. 

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