Mile Marker 25

      Twenty miles east from famous Key West, FL you will find a small and beautiful key called Summerland.  This key begins at mile marker twenty-five and is located next to the home I recently stayed in.  On this key, there is a local family owned grocery store called Murray's Market.  They have a sign posted in their restroom telling folks to "Like" them on facebook and that they will be posting grilling, cooking tips, in-store specials, and more.

          I found it interesting that this small grocery store, in a key that is no longer than 2 miles would be online promoting themselves. This is a local grocery store for people on vacation staying in the area and local residents.  It fascinates me how social media is taking over...worldwide.  Murray's Market made my family and I very yummy subs for our boat trips and a delicious FSU print rice crispy treat.

         I believe businesses that have not joined the social media bandwagon are really missing out on this gigantic worldwide platform to market themself.  Social media does nothing but benefit the business, just like whocanihire does.  Huge successful corporations as far as Lays Potato Chips, Chevrolet, Jet Blue, Southwest Airlines, Marriot International Hotels, Carnival Cruise Line, Hertz, Home Depot, and so many more have official Twitter and Facebook accounts.  Businesses large and small have established a presence on social media sites employing community managers or in the case of many small businesses spending a few hours a week promoting themselves.  As an example, a New Orleans local pizza restaurant brought in 15% of its customers through a Twitter promotion.  Why would you not want to engage with potential new customers through social media?  All I can say is you better get to "tweeting" if you already haven't.

          Anyways, I could go on and on about the benefits of joining social media.  My family and I had a wonderful trip in Summerland Key and would recommend it to anyone looking for a beautiful, homey, relaxing area to stay when staying in the Florida Keys.  Of course we visited Key West and Duval Street. Just hearing the words Margaritaville, El Siboney (local cuban restraunt everyone should eat at at least once), Half Shell Raw Bar, The Flying Monkey Bar, and the famous Mallory Square Sunset Celebration takes me back to my week in paradise.  Murrays Market is a great example why social media is the right area to market your business!


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