The Philadelphia Eagles And America's Youth

The Philadelphia Eagles and the current atmosphere for young Americans have some striking resemblances. If you follow football you are familiar with the fact that the Eagles gathered players from across the NFL to make up what was tagged, “The Dream Team”.

What is most important about this “Dream Team” nickname is that it was not given to them by the media or the fans, but that it was bestowed to them by Vince Young, who’s lack of dedication in the past and failure to live up to his potential landed him with the Eagles.  The Eagles gathered some of the best and most explosive skill position players across the NFL to add to their already explosive roster. On paper and before the season started there were names that really popped out at you Michael Vick, Jeremy Maclin, LeSean McCoy, Nnamdi Asomugha, Asante Samuel and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. 

When looking at this team you would say they are heading to the Super Bowl because of all these great high profile players!  But there was something that was overlooked, and this is where the comparison comes in.  Everyone looked at the sexy positions that score touchdowns and get you on commercials and posters, but forgot about what makes a team run.  The guys in the trenches, the guys doing the dirty work are what help you win. The Eagles did nothing to support their infrastructure and that is why you are watching the team crumble from in the inside out.  You can’t score those touchdowns, and you can’t get those endorsements when your offensive line cannot protect you, or your linebackers are getting run over on almost every down.

How do the Eagles compare to America’s youth?  They fell in love with the sexy jobs in tech and on Wall Street and forgot about what made America great, hard work and getting it done in the trenches.  What is going to happen when all the skill positions workers retire?  The average age of a welder is around 57, carpenter, near 60.  I want to know how these kids plan on getting to Wall Street when the roads are in peril, or that you can’t get on the subway because no one is there to fix the tracks.  Just like making the Eagles great, we have lost focus on what is really important and what built this country.

Just like in the trenches of the football field, America needs the tough jobs filled that require sweat, toughness, brains and fortitude to make it great again.  Guess what?  These jobs are available and pay very well! 

Watch for further information from a great movement from the Center for America.

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