Making Your Idea - Make you Money!

It seems these days everywhere you turn wild and sometimes almost ridiculous ideas take over the world’s attention. Remember silly bands? Have you ever sat around with your friends, drinking beers considering crazy ideas to make big bucks?

I got my idea for this blog from Hannah Hart of "mydrunkkitchen" fame who thought it would be funny to make a cooking video on Youtube. Soon after posting she had a group of fans and followers asking for more. When people ask Hannah for tips on how to get famous through Youtube, Facebook, or other social media sites, she gives the following six steps that she has learned along the way. 

  • Be a good friend so that people repost your video on other social media sites.
  • Be patient (being in marketing for, this is one virtue I have really learned). Building your site takes time and dedication. Make sure your site or whatever "your million dollar idea" may be, has potential and hold a purpose. Putting your idea out on these social media sites, you can be sure they will be seen.
  • Get a second opinion and be open to multiple ideas.
  • Don’t be afraid to work hard.
  • Never post anything you’re not proud of.
  • When posting comedy be sure it makes you laugh out loud

So with all that said, next time you’re sitting around with your buddies drinking a beer laughing about crazy ideas, and a good one comes along, you should run with it! Get it setup on Youtube, whocanihire, Facebook, or any other good social media sites you have in mind. See where your idea with dedication takes you.

--Chanler Haden, whocanihire

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