You "Like" This - Promote your Business Effectively Through Facebook!

Want people to "Like" your facebook page fast? For all of us business owners who promote our business through Facebook, we know the more "Likes" we receive, the more potential our business has to grow. But how do you do this, how come your business has been on facebook for what it feels like ages and hasn't received attention? It may not be as hard as it look folks.

Just like any business starting out you have to have personal contact with your customer. Each facebook profile is a potential customer.  Reach out to each profile and ask them to "Like" you, and even show them how. Always include links to your page, whether your writing a blog, on someones wall, a message, etc. 

Add for example Sincerely, Chanler Haden Contributed : ( ), then Chanler is now promoting through something so basic as a wall post.

After listening to that tip, I bet you have "Likes" already. Now you need to interact with those fans at least 2 or even 3 times a day. Post links about something interesting or funny. For instance,!/whocanihire puts a (joke of the day) on their wall Monday-Saturday. Cool right?!  Now all they're doing is putting their joke of the day on their wall with a link to the joke and  promoting themsleves through something so basic.

The most affective way I have seen interacting with customers is through personally sending them messages with a short one or two sentences telling them what your business is all about. Coupons on your facebook site are another way to promote, "Like" us today and get $10 off when you sign up!/whocanihire . Make sure you have a comment box on your page, or a way for customers to leave their advice or opinions. Many customers crave personal attention from you. Respond to all facebook comments in a friendly and polite manner to show off your businesses personality. Always post fun appropriate videos to grab the attention of your social media craving customers.

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