Which Percentage Are You?

When it comes to sales calls and cold calling, statistics show that:
44% Forty four percent of all sales people quit after the 1st call
22% Twenty Two percent after the 2nd
14% Fourteen percent after the 3rd
12%Twelve percent after the 4th, and

8% Eight percent persist to the 5th call back!

Further statistics show that 60% sixty percent of all Buyers' say it takes 5 five contacts before they make a decision to buy.

Now imagine this, what if the potential Buyer of your product or service had the opportunity to meet you through a social sharing channel such as facebook, twitter or LinkedIn prior to your call.  At this point you have removed the fear of a "cold call" out of the equation, how powerful would this be?

In using whocanihire.com as a hub for your social sharing marketing you have the opportunity to remove the fear cold calling.  With a social sharing strategy in place, potential customers may have already developed a comfort level with you through facebook, twitter and other social media sites, saving time, relieving stress and making that sale easier.


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