Staying Relevant

A couple of easy steps to stay relevant while marketing through social media/sharing.

1. Keep information up to date. Social media affords you the opportunity to keep your information new. It also allows you to keep your marketing relevant to your business.

 2. Optimize your presence. As a business owner you want your name to be in front of as many potential clients as you can. Most importantly having a social media presence is crucial for the survival of your business. But you also want to ensure you are capturing people with the right keywords as well.  Another extremely important tool is getting on the right directories.

3. Stay on the Google radar. When you perform a search for anything how often do you go to the second page on a search result?  Probably not often.  So you want to ensure you are staying on that first result page.  Blogs are a great way to keep you near the top of a search. Another benefit of blogging is building better customer relationships. You can keep clients up to date with day to day activates directions you are headed, promotions, and allowing your customers to interact with you. 

The business directory is dedicated to helping small businesses succeed in their communities through social sharing. 

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